Eastercon LX is the 60th British National Science Fiction Convention, celebrating science fiction, fantasy and horror in literature, film, comics and other media.

More At-Con Newsletters and LXtra

Somehow we completely failed to mention LXtra, the live streaming of some of LX’s programme items. Better late than never!

And now onto yet more newsletters from the prolific team headed by John Coxon (found on various social media sites as, shockingly, John Coxon), this isn’t the last of them:

The Voice Lashings of Ginger Beer (Sunday Afternoon)

The Voice Ball on the Pavillion Roof! (Sunday Evening)

The Voices Number Pi (Sunday Late)

At-Con Newsletter So Far

The Voice Issue #1 (Friday Afternoon)

The Voice Number Two (Friday Evening)

The Voice The Magic Number (Saturday Noon)

The Voice Two Plus Two (Saturday Evening)

Keep Up With LX News

With less than two months till Eastercon LX you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on our news and announcements so here are a few ways you can keep up to date in addition to reading the Progress Reports that all members receive.

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And remember you’re always welcome to contact us if there’s anything you’re unsure about!

Progress and Promotion

There are now black and white posters and flyers available for download on the Promote LX page. If you’re heading anywhere that might be harbouring science-fiction or fantasy fans we’d really appreciate you printing off a few flyers and/or posters to hand out.

They’re in PDF format and print on normal A4 paper.

In other news, Progress Report 4 has begun arriving in mailboxes across the country and will be available on the website soon. On the envelope, it will tell you the details of your hotel booking so please make a note of it, check your check in/out dates are right and if you haven’t booked (which many of you haven’t) please look at the accommodation pages here.

Web Forms Working

The web forms should now be fixed and working again. If you find otherwise, please either comment on this post or send us an e-mail at . Sorry for the trouble!