Art Show

The Eastercon Art Show displays a variety of work by both professionals and amateurs spanning the science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres. It provides a chance for fans to bid on artwork which often cannot be bought anywhere else. This year’s Art Show is being run by Robbie Bourget with assistance from Dave Tompkins.

How to Display Your Artwork

There is no charge to display artwork but any items sold are subject to a 10% commission which offsets some of the convention’s costs. If you would like to display your work in the Art Show, please fill in the form below. If you would prefer to communicate by post, fill in the postal address, otherwise just fill in the e-mail address.

Panels for displaying artwork are 2ft wide by 4ft high. 3D space is a flat table area to display e.g. sculptures.

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The Phlosque Award

The official definition is ‘Cute fantasy artwork with significance‘. Anything with unicorns or dragons is very likely to be Phlosque. As a general rule of thumb, if it advertises itself as ‘Magical’ without any sense of genuine wonder beyond commerce, or ’sensitive’ without in any way attempting to improve the lot of any living being then, it’s almost certainly Phlosque. The Phlosque Award is presented each Eastercon by Eira and Sms. It’s not an insult to the frequently excellent artwork that wins it. It is, rather, a comment that such a (lucerative and welcome to hardworked artists) genre exists. Voting forms to nominate artwork for the Phlosque are available in the Art Show or on tables in the bars.