What do you mean by “Gaming”?

There are various activities usually associated with this term. However, in the context of LX, we are talking mainly about role playing and board games.

But I thought this was a literary convention!

It most certainly is. Science-Fiction and Fantasy literature is, and will remain, the focal point of the convention. However, we recognize that the convention is also a social event, and that some of you would enjoy gaming as well. We have enough space available that gaming events would not be held at the expense of other programme items. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.

So, what gaming related elements are you going to have?

These are some of the main gaming related activities we’re working on:

Gaming Room

A common feature at Eastercons, this is a room where people can relax with their friends while playing card and board games. We would aim to have a selection of role playing games accessories available for people to look over in this room.

Board Game Tournament

We are going to pick a prominent board game and hold a tournament which will run throughout the convention, culminating in a public and publicised finale.

Table-top Role Playing Games

Prearranged role playing game sessions are going to be open to players throughout the convention. We are even going to make a special effort to have the games themed around the works of the Guests of Honour.

Gaming Programme Items

There will be gaming related items (panels, etc) within the main programme. The subjects of these items will be selected in tune with LX’s focus on literature, and with the works of the Guests of Honour in mind.

Live Action Role Playing

An excuse to get into costume and pretend to be someone else for a while, we’ll be running a LARP event with limited roles available.

In a live action role playing game players assume the role of fictitious characters in a fantastic scenario, preferably dressed up accordingly, acting out a story that has a written beginning but no preset end.

Find out more about the game here: The Kunji Revolt.

Sounds great! How can I help?

We would really love to hear from you if you can help us with one or more of the following:

  1. Bring board games and role playing games accessories to the gaming room for other people to enjoy.
  2. Run a tabletop role playing game at the convention.
  3. Participate in a program item (panels, etc) about gaming, or have an idea for such an item.
  4. Help run the live action role playing event, or contribute to it in some other fashion (costumes, for instance).
  5. Contribute in any other way (ideas we haven’t thought of, etc).

I can’t really help, but I would like to attend. What should I do?

You can start by becoming an LX member. Most events will be open to everyone at the convention with no need to pre-register for them. For events with limited places (the tournament, the tabletop games, the LARP event), you may need to register in advance. Members of LX will be advised of this via the Progress Reports and later online so please keep an eye out for updates. You can also get in touch with your details, and we’ll let you know once pre-registration for these items is available.

So, how do I get in touch?

Why, that’s easy! Just email us at or fill in the Volunteer Form: As simple as that. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!