The Kunji Revolt

The year is 2009. Queen Victoria still rules, immortal as a result of the Leonization treatments developed for her by the Royal Society, the work of Babbage and his contemporaries has allowed the development of steam powered space travel, and the British Empire has spread out across the galaxy, bringing civilisation to all.

The planet Belerephon has recently come to the attention of the Empire. The planet boasts considerable resources, and the native population, split into two warring factions, squabble amongst themselves, squandering the natural reserves of their planet in a futile and self-destructive conflict. The Queen has sent an emissary to the planet, to mediate between the factions, negotiate for trade and mineral rights, and ensure a peaceful and prosperous outcome. But nothing is as simple as it seems – there are a number of parties interested in the planet for their own reasons, the stakes are high, and the religious, moral and political differences of all involved promise to make this one of the trickiest, most delicate and most important negotiations the galaxy has ever seen.

Victoriana-style Political Roleplay

The Kunji Revolt is a Victoriana-style political Live Role Playing (LRP) game being run at LX, and we would very much like to invite you to take part. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any role playing before, or whether you’re an old hand, the game will have plenty to keep you entertained.


Players will be split into a number of factions, each with their own aims and objectives, resources and abilities. You will get a specific brief for your character, and your job will be to further your own and your faction’s agenda, negotiating with representatives from other factions to determine who will control various financial, military and political resources on the planet Belerephon.

There will be a number of set meetings throughout the weekend, which will provide opportunities for structured interaction between the factions, but we also hope that the political wrangling will continue between these meetings, in the bar or wherever else you happen to be, and give you plenty of entertainment throughout the convention. It also doesn’t matter if you can’t, or don’t want to, attend every meeting, although your faction may be disadvantaged if you don’t send at least one representative to each important function – the nature of the game is such that the politics can occur whenever and wherever the players wish. At the end of the weekend we will see which faction, and which individual, has achieved the most of their aims, and announce the winners.

How to Take Part

If you’re interested in taking part, all you need to do is show up at the first scheduled meeting at the convention, which will be clearly marked in the programme, although if you wish to register your interest in advance, or have questions about how the game will work and whether it’s for you, please feel free to contact .

What to Wear

We are encouraging people to wear appropriate costume if possible (and good costume may earn you and your faction extra points), so if you intend to join in you may wish to consider bringing an outfit appropriate to one of the following:

  • The British Empire – including representatives of the crown, military commanders, the Royal Society and the Spinward Trading Company. Costume appropriate to the Victorian era, Steam Punk, etc.
  • Foreign Powers – the French, Germans, etc. Victoriana / Steam Punk again.
  • The Natives of Belerephon – split into two factions, the warlike highlanders and the more peaceful lowlanders. Costume for the natives should be gothic / new romantic in style.
  • The Alien Confederation – a miscellaneous grouping of alien races. Your excuse to show off your favourite “out of this world” outfit…

Please note that, depending on the number of people who decide to play, it may not be possible to play a character from your first choice of faction – we will do our best to accommodate your wishes, where possible, but hope that you will have an enjoyable game whatever you end up playing!

See you there…