Committee and Staff

Co-Chair - James Bacon

I am from Ireland, live in Croydon, work on the railway and love reading Books, Fanzines and Comics. I also enjoy socialising and having the craic at conventions is a big part of that for me. I think its important to have a good time, and lots of fun, but recognise that means a wide variety of things for people who go to Eastercon. I have been on con committees since I was eighteen this will be the second time I have chaired a National Convention.

Co-Chair - Peter Harrow

Peter is a lawyer working in Local Government. Despite this he has not yet had all of his imagination or willingness to serve the greater good beaten out of him.

Peter is both old and new to fandom; his first real Con being Lunicon (Unicon 14) in Leeds in 1993, and he returned to Fandom with the 2005 Worldcon. Since being captured in the wild by John Richards at Octocon 2005, Peter has been slowly re-introduced into fandom via the Sheffield Science Fiction and Fantasy Group, attending a succession of Cons since. He made his debut as a panellist at Concussion in Glasgow 2006 and was part of the Programme Team for Contemplation, Eastercon 2007.

Peter’s other main contributions to fandom have been his keen dress sense (he has won masquerade and hall costume prizes for his normal clothes), and his creation of the new art form, Xeno-Bonsai, with his bonsai Ents and Triffids.

Finance - John Dowd

John has been attending Science Fiction conventions since before Lionel Fanthorpe was a boy. Author of many popular convention news bulletins and member of several convention committees, John has stepped up to be Treasurer for LX. If you can’t trust a man with a beard, who can you trust?

Hotel Liaison - Alice Lawson

If you need someone to make sure things get organised, then the younger, prettier half of the Lawson family is your go-to-gal. Alice was company secretary for the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow and has been a stalwart of many a con committee.

Membership - Steve Lawson

The other half of the dynamic Lawson duo. If you’ve not encountered Steve, then you’ve probably not been to a convention. Previous winner of the Doc Weir Award for services to Science Fiction and Being Steve.

Publications - Hayley Niuserre

Hayley arrived in fandom with a bang in 2006 and promptly became Site Liaison for Contemplation, the 2007 Eastercon. In the real world, Hayley is studying for a degree in Events Management and lives in Buxton with her daughter, Scarlett. In the not so real world, she spends entire weekends at LARP events, running around fields and forests pretending to be someone else.

Tech/Ops - Mark Meenan

Mark’s first Convention was Albacon II in 1983 where he became involved in running Albacon’s, first as a gopher and then on the committee. He was also Site Liaison for both Intersection and Interaction, the most recent UK Worldcons. He currently works at The University of Glasgow as a Sysadmin.

Programme Consultant - John Richards

A familiar hat to all those on the convention merry-go-round. John is an experienced ops bod and runner of programme.


Liz Batty: Programme
Robbie Bourget: Art Show
Bridget “Bug” Bradshaw: Volunteers
Claire Brialey: Guest Liaison
Lara Collins: Fan Room/Programme
Steve Cooper: Publications & DofE
John Coxon: Newsletter Chief
Vincent Docherty: Music Programme
Fran Dowd: Newsletter
Sue Edwards: Green Room
John Harold: Ops Leader
Colin Harris: Programme
Heidi: Dealers
Assaf Hershko: Gaming
Tamar Hershko: Fan Room/Programme & Volunteers
Elanor Isolda: Non-Portfolio
Dave Lally: National Media Museum Liaison
Jim de Liscard: Media Programme
Max: Fan Room/Programme Chief
John Medany: Non-Portfolio
Rita Medany: Non-Portfolio
Mark Plummer: Guest Liaison
Julie Rigby-McMurray: Kids & Youth Programme
Ang Rosin: Fan Room/Programme
James Shields: Website Hosting
Mark Slater: Media Programme
Dave Tompkins: Art Show/Dealers Assistant
Jan Van Tent: Newsletter