What is Eastercon?

Eastercon is the biggest gathering of science-fiction and fantasy fans in the UK. LX will be the 60th British National Science Fiction Convention and will take place at the Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, in the north of England over Easter weekend 2009.

Eastercon is a gathering of like-minded people, from a multitude of different countries, who share an interest in science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Fantastic literature is a primary focus of the weekend, with many other types of media, whether it be radio, TV, movies, comics, the web or fanzines also having a strong presence. Serious science is also well represented with the George Hay Memorial Lecture, presented by an expert in their field as chosen by the SF Foundation, being a popular feature.

It’s not all talking heads; with over 100 individual programme items we have a huge range and variety of programming. There will be live music, film and TV footage, interactive workshops, gaming and role-playing, evening entertainment, quizzes, games and at least two Eastercon staples: an extensive Dealers’ Room and an Art Show to tempt your wallets.

As well as our Guests of Honour, who will give talks, readings and lead discussions on areas of interest, be it a film or particular radio serial, we will also have programme participants who are experts in their respective fields ranging from publishing to genetics and everything in between. Added to this many authors and professionals attend as individuals but still get involved and participate in our programme which reflects well on just what type of event Eastercon is.

Around 800 people attend Eastercon every year, with the event run by volunteers. No one involved makes or earns any money from the convention, and your membership money pays for Eastercon itself; not anyone’s wages. LX is part of a “pass along funds” scheme so should we have any unspent money, it will be passed along to future Eastercons who will in turn pass on any surplus they have.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved, whether it be questions from the floor to helping with lifting boxes. There may be a committee, but individual members are the ones who enable us to make it happen. We will welcome anyone who wants to volunteer and we value whatever time you can spare.

Most of all, Eastercon is about exciting the mind; listening and talking about SF literature, expanding on and engaging in discussion on what you know and don’t know, what you enjoy and things that are new to you. It’s a place to meet like-minded people and come away rich in experience and friends.